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2010 Special Events

Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek

January 15, 2011
Squaw Creek
Squaw Creek Park

Click here for a printable entry form (to mail in) - Click here to enter online with a credit card

* $250 entry fee per boat (two person maximum)
* Squaw Creek launch fees are included in the entry fee (GLRC pays launch fee from 30% of entry fee)
* 70% angler payback on a 1 per 5 basis
* Anglers must check in at park entrance the morning of the tournament by 6am. BLT personnel will be there by 5am.
* Start time will be as soon as everyone has launched after the park has opened and it is safe light.
* Stop fishing time will be 3pm
* Everyone must be in the weigh in line before 4pm
* Angler payouts will be made immediately after weigh in.
* All ties will split prize money by the # of boats tied. Weights measured by 1 one hundredth of a pound.
* 100 boats x $250 = $25,000 x 70% = $17,500 paid out to anglers (first place $5000)
* 75 boats x $250 = $18,750 x 70% = $13,125 paid out to anglers (first place $4000)
* 50 boats x $250 = $12,500 x 70% = $8750 paid out to anglers (first place $2500)
* Big Bass of the tournament will be 10% of the 70% paid back to the anglers
* First 100 entries will be accepted (100 boat maximum on Squaw Creek)
* All entries will be posted daily as received on the BLT website. Click early entry tab and look for Squaw Creek
* All on line entries at the www.budlighttrail.com website. ($10 credit card service fee)
* All mail in entries accepted up until the Tuesday before the tournament Jan 11th or until the 100 boat limit (which ever comes first). Mail entries to:
P.O. Box 349
Brownsboro, Texas, 75756
* The GLRC will keep 30% of entry fees, less expenses, to be distributed to local charities.

Photo: Chris Davis
Co- Tournament Director

Chris Davis
[email protected]
Photo: Bryan Davis
Co- Tournament Director

Bryan Davis
[email protected]

Contact Chris or Bryan for all tournament related issues.