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We have had many people let us know that they are looking for a partner for the 2010 Spring Team tournaments, so we've created this page to help out.

Please send the following information via email to [email protected] to be posted on this page:
Name, location (city), email, phone, which division(s) you want to fish, boater or non-boater, and a brief description of yourself (what you're looking for in a partner, accomplishments, equipment, etc).

Only send information that you are comfortable having posted on the internet for anyone to see.

Boater/Non Boater

Added: 8-7-10

Clinton Conley

Commerce, TX


Non Boater

"Hello all.  Im 35 yrs old and have fished all my life.  I have just recently got into tournament fishing.  I am looking to fish in the sping 2011 BLT commerce division.  Looking for a partner that wants to have fun, be competivie and can help me become a better tournament fisher.  I am married have 2 kids and have full blessing of wife.  You know how important that is. ."

Added: 8-7-10

Phillip Bailey

Anson, TX
h 325-823-2661 
w 325-690-9668


Boater: '07 skeeter i-20

"what i look for in a partner is a patient fisherman who likes to fish deep structure and cover when the surface temp is above 83.  i fish primarily jigs/soft plastics/drop shot/crankbaits.  i pitch and flip in cold weather months and spring but move out deep in late spring/early summer.  fish windy points and go shallow only in grass/cattails/muddy water.  always open to new techniques and new ideas even though it does not sound like it.  will not fish if thunder and lightening are in the area (no exceptions) i am over 50-love the competition."

Added: 8-7-10

Brandon Clayton

Graham, TX



Boater or Non-Boater

"I am 23 years old and have been fishing tournaments since i was 6 years old have been fishing for bass since i was 4 and have quite a bit of experience on hubbard creek. I have never won a tourny on hubbard but i have several top 5 finishes there including some tournaments where i was big bass winner. have no experience on ivie yet but i have not found a lake yet that i cant catch fish on.
looking for a partner that is willing to prefish and be ready to fish these tournaments and not just wanting to show up on tourny day to give those that take the time our money i am a firm beleiver that the winnings and costs should always be split evenly no matter who catches the fish ect shoot its a team tourny and it takes both team members to win
i am a usually a power fisherman first so basically i like to throw alot of crankbaits swimbaits and other similar baits that cover alot of water fast but when i find the fish i do throw plastic worms and jigs i will throw a drop shot from time to time but not real often "

Added: 8-7-10


Lancaster, TX



Non Boater

"Looking for a partner that has that competitive edge, but still wants to have fun. I have fished Texoma and RR, but not Lewisville."

Added: 1-21-10

Tony Wornick

Whitewright, TX


Boater: 2001 Triton
TR22 w/225 EFI Merc

"Looking for a partner that has that competitive edge, but still wants to have fun. I have fished Texoma and RR, but not Lewisville."

Added: 1-14-10

Thomas Goodwin

Temple, TX



Non Boater

"I've been tournament fishing for about 3 years as a non boater mostly with friends. I am an EMT so I have a lot of time off to pre fish. I love to fish so I am always looking for opportunities to get on the water and have a little fun and try to win some money."

Added: 1-13-10

Bobby Nichols

Fairfield, TX


Waco, but open

Non Boater

"Fished tournament for 15 years or so but have been out of it for a few years. I am dedicated and will spend the time on the water to do well.
Fished the Central Texas lakes most of the time but have travelled all over the state fishing tournaments."

Added: 1-12-10

Jason Radke

Hubbard, TX



Non Boater

"I am currently selling my '96 Skeeter which I've tourny fished from for the last 3 yrs. but am still very interested in competing. I am 29 yrs. old, married, 2 step-children and a little girl due in April. I am a smoker. I have a lot of experience on Waco & Limestone. I've only been to Chambers twice. In a partner I'm looking for someone who is competitive."

Added: 12-16-09

Randy Spence

Waxahachie, TX



Boater: 2004 Skeeter

"Have fished many tournament trails hard to find a dependable partner. Trying this out to see what happens"

Added: 12-7-09

Jim Ireland

Flint, TX


Boater: 08 Champion 203 Lim. Edi./Yamaha 250 HPDI

"Have fished tournaments for 18 years in 5 states. Am looking for someone that has some knowledge of
Palestine & Tyler lakes as I am a little new to the area. Am fully equipped & ready to win!!!"

Added: 12-3-09

Ryan Boykin

Quitman, TX


Boater: 2000 Skeeter ZX185
150HP Yamaha

"Looking to get into my first series, not very familiar with LOTP but very familiar with Sandlin."

Added: 11-24-09

Steven Dendy

Wylie, TX


Dallas, Denton
Boater: 2002 Ranger with a
Mercury 225 optimax

"I am pre-fishing lakes now and it would help to have a partner to go with me on these pre-fish days."

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